I Smashed New York City!

My Smash book / scrapbook on the go was a success!  My little travel photo printer worked like a champ and it made it much easier and more convenient to save the memories.  Every night at the hotel I printed out the photos from the day that I thought captured the important things.  Not every photo made it into the book but that wasn’t the objective.  I just wanted to make a quick book to document the trip.  I sorted the photos with any tickets, postcards, receipts and pamphlets that we picked up along the way.  Each pile was then filed into the book so that all I had to do was start gluing.

Confession…did I glue and complete each page everyday?  No.  New York is a pretty exhausting place and we were really tired by the end of each day.  But, by printing out the photos and organizing the separate pages each night, it made it much easier (and faster) to put it all together at the end.  Thankfully, we took an extra day off at home to recover and I used that time to complete the book.  It only took a couple of hours to get it together and there’s still room in it for another trip.  I liked how each page already had a pattern on it (although some pages had cheesy journaling prompts that I covered up).  This made me think that it would be easy to construct your own book with spare scrapbook papers that we all have in our stash.  Some pages ended up being a combination of photos, ephemera and journaling and other pages were just photos, no journaling.  That’s what I found great about doing this project, there was no pressure to make each page look “pretty”.

I definitely recommend this method of memory keeping.  The portable printer worked great (take extra ink cartridges, they don’t last long) and my little travel kit came in handy.  I will absolutely be doing this again on our next getaway.

new york smash1new york smash2new york smash3new york smash4Thanks for stopping by.  Please share or leave a comment below.  Would love to hear from you (and see your travel smash books!)


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