Make Time to Art! #2

make time 2-2Here’s another spread in my “Make Time to Art!” series inspired by Rae Missigman’s 15 Minutes of Mixed Media videos.  I have been allowing myself 30 minutes to use whatever supplies I have within reach.  The goal is to not over-think what you’re doing.

I started this series in a leather-bound journal that has handmade paper inside.  Before I begin, I make sure I have my chosen paint colours, stencils, stamps and pens within reach.  There’s no need to waste time rummaging through your stash.  I’m purposely not using any collage elements or heavy textures in this journal, mostly to keep down the bulk.

This exercise has encouraged me to set aside a little bit of time (30 minutes is not long!) to practice.  I really enjoy not having to pre-plan a page.  Sometimes it means repeating shapes or elements on a number of spreads, but that doesn’t matter.  The point is to sit down and do it!

make time 2-1make time 2-3Thanks for taking a look!  Please like this post or share it if you see something that inspires you!  Comments are always welcome!


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