Firstly, I sincerely thank you for visiting my blog.  This has been a goal of mine for a long time and now is the time!

As a self-taught mixed-media artist, I am constantly searching, experimenting, learning, and creating.  The artists I admire the most admit that when they sit down at their art table, they have no plan.  Only the desire to create and play.  That’s me!  I take a number of days to complete an art journal page and I have at least two pages on the go at the same time (when one is drying, I work on the other!).  Getting stuck happens to everyone.  My first goal with this blog is to keep practicing and studying the craft so that those moments of “I’m stuck” or “That’s ugly” become less and less.

Me second goal is to learn those “artist basics” such as colour, flow, layout, etc.  I don’t have the colour wheel memorized and I admit that I use reference materials.  That’s how we learn!  I am practicing listening to my inner voice that says, “Try this” or “What if?”.  I find the more I listen, the better my work.

Thanks again for visiting and please leave any comments, questions or tips or share any posts that you have found useful or inspiring.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!